Summer love & chaos

IMG_0845[1].JPGIMG_0825[1].JPGNo need to mention that we are being showered  with summer love here in Abu Dhabi for a quite sometime now. Generally summer summarizes our thoughts with days where you just want to laze at the beach. I honestly feel like I have been dealing with the scorching summer months since the day I landed Abu Dhabi and winter is just a month that never exists here. Any way this temperature soar is normal here and people are kind of used to it

So as the humidity rises here I tend to  gravitate towards my water and fruit intake. Besides I option going for a lighter lunch and dinner at least during my weekdays ( Weekends are exceptional) . Further coconut water can be optioned to settle your thirst which are very common available in any supermarkets. Not to forget the most important deal maker is the make up that you wear, you don’t want to see your foundation melting down due to heat. For this keep up with your light makeup,apply generous moisturizer (With SPF) and keep the skin protected from this harsh heat. So stay hydrated, happy & active in this sweltering heat.


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