Denim with Denim

Denim is one of the basic wardrobe essentials. It is never too much and its always more. Denim is always in trend and never out of fashion. It is all weather friendly and easy to carry.In another word i would say denim is the another derivatives for style. I have always attempted to carry denim with casual to formal look. Denim has always been my best wear, i tend to wear denim anywhere and everywhere i go. Need not to mention denim is an undoubtedly an ultimate fashion trend.

So talking about denim i love how people pull off denim with denim. I would say it is a heavy duty 🙂 Paring denim over denim can make anyone feel more edgier.All in all the days are really hot to walk around with denims but you gotta do what you gotta do! (Wink). Moreover the color of the denim has always excited me and no doubt the ripped denims are the hottest trend ruling the fashion market these days.



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