Winter Breeze

After a series of months of summer i am about to experience cool breeze here in Abu Dhabi.Going back to my memory lane i used to get the taste of all the major seasons back home namely Winter, Summer ,Autumn,Spring & Monsoon.Those monsoon chai ( Tea) and winter Jhol Momo( Soupy Momos) were to die for. So good news is that winter is almost here and i must say the weather here will be enjoyable for at least couple of months.



So yes there are always the box unchecked,experiences unexplored and that one good restaurant or cafe not checked out. So embrace this coming season and get out of your rooms to explore the fun part of Abu Dhabi .The city’s one of the Luxurious hotel Ritz Carlton’s popular Venetian village sponsored the ripe pop up market last weekend.Venetian Village is a setting of many delightful contrasts that make it the venue in town and the perfect place to spend your Friday stocking up on local organic produce and browsing the offerings of some of the regions most talented artisans, crafters, jewellery and designers. Wishing you all a great weekend ! 🙂





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