The Wanderer

Hello everyone ! Its been a while i have not penned down my experience in my blog.The week has been quite hectic for me and i was procrastinating a lot for no reason.So I thought that for those inquisitive minds who still do take the effort & interest in visiting a blog and reading the story i should write one today 🙂 So weather has started to change and i can feel the cold breeze outside due to which i have refrained myself from going for a run.Well i am a proud Nepali adult working outside my motherland and insane number of people ask me why i am so sensitive to cold just because they think i am from Nepal and we have the unreasonable energy to tolerate the intensity of cold weather. But i have had always been sensitive to cold even while i was living in Kathmandu and it will remain same wherever i go.


I would like to apologize for the first paragraph for giving you insight of cold weather.The much talked about event “Sheikh Zayad Heritage Festival” happened last week.I was accompanied with the cold breeze throughout. There were shops from all the GCC countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman. My observation made me feel that the event was not advertise as much as it should be.There was a tremendous number participation from the locals and other nationals were pretty little less in number. Every country had their own stalls and dancers to make it look fun and exciting.The sweet corn aroma from the stalls couldn’t stop me from buying one.




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