A Greek Rendezvous

To begin I must say what a year it has been so far for me. My wedding has been definitely a major highlight of the year. I have learnt a lot during all these time to preserve and to embrace all the love and support from my loved one. The year will soon come to an end but there are many moments to cherish for the rest of my life. Juggling between work and personal life I have managed to beautifully survive the chaos.

Enough of my life preaching here and let me take you to a trip to wonderland called Greece. After having done a lot of homework we settled down to popular destination Greece and it was definitely an incredible experience worth sharing! We agreed to explore the capital Athens and the most heard about place Santorini. I would not regret the choice as we had a wonderful time spent there exploring the culture and gorging on delicious Greek food. I was very keen to add Mykonos as well in the list but due to time constrains it was just impossible.  The 3 hours flight from Abu Dhabi to Jordan was very comfortable. The transit to Jordan international Airport gave us some time to grab the Jordanian Delicacies as well. Moving ahead we caught 2 hours flight to Athens and I could not resist myself to land in Athens.

The beautiful islands and sky scenes was just adding an extra spark to my eagerness. When landed my denim jacket struggled to keep me warm as it was the beginning of the winter already. It was a good idea to go with centrally located hotel near Plaka area which has a big famous markets and restaurants. The ideal location was Plaka where you could actually cover all the markets around in walking distance. So in case you are planning to stay in Athens, the places recommended to book your hotel are Plaka, Syntagma Square and Metaxourghiu. Please make sure to stay within 2 Kms of Acropolis.

No wonder this place has managed to attract the entire tourist around the world with its ancient historical architecture and stories. The chill weather was just right for a romantic gateway 🙂

The alleys and the streets are all filled with beautiful restaurants (with live music!) and shops. The aroma coming from the restaurants was just irresistible for us and we settled down in one of them. The locally famous Gyros which is a Greek dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, or chicken) and Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer is a must try there.


The next morning as planned we traveled to Santorini. Since we did not booked flight tickets in advance we had no choice than to take a ferry. To be honest I first thought that ferry would be very uncomfortable (8 hours via blue star ferry) to which I was wrong when I saw the ferry. Cutting long story short the ferry ride was a life time experience for me with food and other outlets. It was a love at first sight when I reached Santorini. For those who are carrying international driving license it is very easy to rent a car which is also a cheaper (starting from 35 Euros) option. With just 4 euros the bus will take you to the central city bus station . The hotel was at the city center Fira and everything is easily accessible from here from bus station to ferry, markets, and restaurants.

We opted to take a package for the next day to save time which included a volcanic mountain, hot springs, Therusa and Oia. Next day began the trip with boat that would take you 4 stops first volcanic mountain, the guide in the boat was announcing that it is still active volcano in Santorini. With much enthusiasm people were climbing the mountain where my flats were not compatible with mountain rocks so decided to instead click pictures only. The boat passed the hot spring and many divers enjoyed the nature bliss. Therusa was the next stop and it is the oldest village there. There many outlets there where you can eat your lunch overlooking the mystic mountains and crystal clear sea right in front of you.

Finally the wait was over and we headed toward Oia. It is a much talked about place and why not? It is surreal. The blue and white color coordinated houses were just providing a perfect romantic scene. Oia is popular for its famous sunset, and how could we miss that! Watching a sun goes down while enjoying Greek delicacies. I was just speechless with the beauty of Santorini and this trip could not get better with the sunset 🙂

Greece is definitely out of my bucket list but i promised myself to be here again to make a lot more memories again J until my next trip …. 🙂







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