Wah TAJ !


Stop! This is definitely not one of the popular Tea advertisements with a Tagline “Wah Taj”. The only reason I was inclined to choose this was because I literally had my Wow moment when I saw the first glance of Taj Mahal. Standing proud in Agra, India this monument symbolizes love in today’s time. To be true I have only seen Taj Mahal in picture or in movies and its sight was too majestic and at the same time classic for me. I visited India in September and I was already running through my list of places to see in India and how could I miss Taj Mahal! Finally off my checklist 🙂

The View of Taj is stunning from every angle and the flow of tourist to this place is amazing. Hundreds of tourists visit this place and re-live the love of Shah Jahan who was a Mughal Emperor. The Mughal art and architecture is definitely breathtaking. This palace is made with ivory white marbles and the architecture which will remind you the hard work to make this historical site the must visit place in India. The ancient love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz will always be reminded to people through Taj Mahal for sure !




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