One Fine Evening ….


So finally the much waited long weekend is here 🙂  and everyone seems really busy making their holiday plans.While for those who do not have plans, shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are there to treat you with loaded discounts and tempting offers just enough to swipe you off your feet 😉   I have had all things sorted for this long weekend and we will surely know what i am up to in my upcoming blog post 🙂

Last month was extremely busy for both personal and professional end though i managed to embrace the awesome weather of Abu Dhabi. So i randomly decided to stroll around the much talked about landmark “Wahat Al Karama” which is just opposite to popular Grand Mosque. It is dedicated to the memory of UAE’s National Heroes in honor of their sacrifice and recognition of their heroism.

I was exhilarated by the site which has 31 aluminium stacks which are leaned to each other with the poems and quotes craved. Any one who visits this place will undoubtedly have a respect to those brave soldiers for their sacrifice.This Pavilion is spread in wide area and gives a spectacular view of ” Grand Mosque”.




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