Winter Rescue


Hi everyone! How did your long weekend look like? Finally back from long weekend and what a memories I made in these 4 days. The last day at work was a total mess and I could find myself covered up with papers all over. After much struggle and dilemma we finally decided to fly to Georgia! The country of mountains. To be honest the past few months have been roller coaster ride! And I could not ask more than a short break to rejuvenate and be back inspired and fresh again. I will definitely pen down my travel experience in my next blog post for sure.

So travelling in a winter definitely requires extra cautions especially for your skin. Currently living in a humid climate my skin has already adapted the weather here in Abu Dhabi. So travelling to colder place demands more attention and more care. So moisturizing is a key to every healthier and plumper skin for sure. So be it be travelling from air or by any means you should always have moisturizer to go. The cold breeze can be really harsh to your skin leaving it dry and cause redness as well. Not to forget the sunshine which seems really comforting during the winter but what it causes to skin is really bad.  Personally I prefer Vaseline which is really gentle to your skin and it’s well tested as well. These petroleum jelly creates a layer above your skin and prevents it from cracking and dryness. The multi-use of Vaseline is more interesting as it can be applied directly to your skin, lips , and leaves your skin glowing during winter.


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