Skin’s Best Friend ..



Oh hello there thank you for taking your time to read my post first of all. I know its been quite a long halt again this time. If you ask me i am constantly moving to places in last few months and i hope the hard work pays off !

After getting a tons of feedback for the newly launched Garnier Micellar Cleansing water everywhere in social media, i finally have my hands on to these recently. It is easily available in the beauty stores and the boots, however i was super busy with other stuffs so couldn’t try these. Garnier has always been one of the best brands in beauty world. Be it be Shampoo, Conditioner , Facial foam, it has always come up with a great formula that best suits everyone. Newly launched Micellar Cleansing water  is one of the gem that Garnier has created so far. Ladies the good news is that now removing your make up and dirt from your face is just so easy.

This is just right for the lazy bone like me who wants to skip face wash to remove make up esp.when its late night already. The packaging looks really fancy like every Garnier products does. It comes with the cotton pads along with the cleansing water which removes all the makeup and dirt and leaves soothing , clean looking face. Isn’t this what we were looking for . Now its a good bye to mushing and rubbing to our soft skin. Personally my skin is very sensitive and i am always afraid to try new products to my skin but i can say this product is really good for sensitive skin as well. I would say its a must try product so far in 2018 !

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