Get that look :)


I loveee to experiment the look with makeup and it really makes me happy to be honest. I can precisely remember how i was wooed by the make up that my mom used when i was a child. Being a curious kid i always wanted to know more about makeup and wanted to use it. I recall many of such incident when i used to sneak into my mom’s makeup bag and explore all the beauty products (Not to forget that i used to get myself in trouble after that !) . Ever since i have unwindled the fancy world of makeup i always want to explore more. When i mastered my first winged eyeliner i was feeling fly and all happy as a girl. Not to forget Makeup is always optional i believe and it should not be made as a compulsory element in our life.  It is rather used to enhance the look with the various products and techniques of course. The fact that we all are beautiful and unique on our own should not be forgotten.

A lot of beauty gurus are there at present context and a lot of them inspires us in many ways. I too am obsessed with the magical world of makeup. As i was experimenting i gave a thought to try and copy Kylie Jenner look. Why not! as i think she has become one of the influential young lady in beauty and glamorous world.  I have had always admired her beauty and her makeup. As we all know that she has come up with her own cosmetic line as “Kylie Cosmetics”  and i have purchased a few of them too. When it comes to her makeup i have observed that she has always played around with her highlighter and her lips. As a beginner  i tried to copy her easy look and i thought it was not too difficult and gave it a try.

Lips – First thing you should always remember while getting her look is her Nude lip look. I have lined my lip with a Kylie Lip liner and filled it with the nude shade. You can also make it look all bold with red velvet shade from Kylie lip-kit.

Highlighter  – Do not miss out on highlighter and to focus your cheek bones and the corner of your eyes that gives you an glow effect. I actually forgot to apply my highlighter for the look.

Contouring – A sculpted cheeks will give us an illusion of good cheek bones and more lifted face. We have seen most of her looks, and she have used this technique to give that 3-D makeup effect.

Eyes – When it comes to eyes go easy with the eye shadow and rather play with the warm and nude colors. Oh yes Kylie look is all about playing with neutrals.

Mascara – Kylie look cannot be completed without a generous stroke of Mascara.  Here i have applied both volume mascara from Essence & Bourjois Paris Volume Mascara to give a false lash effect. Also you might use your false lashes to get the look.

For this look i have skipped few other things but my motive was to look more of myself than Kylie. The most basic of the Kylie look should be nude colors, bronzed eye shadow, highlighter on point and a good mascara. I hope you guys have jotted the points and the tips to get the look 🙂





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