Benefit The Professional – Product Review


Hola! to everyone and hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Monday is here and the real hustling & bustling has begun again. Now today i am writing  a review about the product which i am probably using for the first time. You heard it right, and i am very much excited to share my thoughts about it. This formula is really helpful to reduce the visible pores and fine lines over your forehead , under eyes and around the lip area as well. I have always believed in investing on a good primer and this has to be one of my favorite.

Summers calls for lots of sweating and definitely your makeup should be just right and light. With this i can assure that the pores will be blurred and definitely gives a smooth finishing to your makeup as well. You can just apply pea size amount to your cheeks and forehead area to get the smooth look. I have been trying a lot of home remedies to minimize the pores and i just wonder how i was missing this product which solved my problem at once. I use a fairly thick/dry cream concealer under my eyes, and without this primer, it drags during application, despite the fact that I moisturized the area prior. No more of this problem with Professional!

Honestly you might find this product a bit expensive but to start with you might want to buy a small tube first and see the results. Also not to forget everyone has a different skin type and the product may react accordingly . My skin is oily to dry sometimes and it gave me the exact result that it promised for!

Please let me know your thoughts if you have already tried this before 🙂

Until next time. Take care.



Summer Style with Choker

Summer is here and undoubtedly summer & fashion goes hand in hand. The temperature is rising high and so does our styling  sense 🙂 But today i have come up with one solution for you to look cool in your all summer outfits. And by that i mean “Choker” . The choker are ruling at the moment and everyone seems to be loving it including myself. I have had a collection of choker necklace made of lace, Synthetic but never owned a Silver Choker until now.Choker necklace are the complete fashion statement and why not ?? as they absolutely look classy when you style them right!! Having said that i must mention you that choker necklaces are not for everyone and could be intimidating sometimes and may not be everyone cup of tea ! But let me tell you that its not that bad so far from my personal experience. So welcoming summer in style is not a bad idea as i am here today to share with you how you can pull off choker necklace in style and with different outfits.

  1.  Get that very Boho look with simply pairing your old skirt or lehenga with white shirt and choker. This look can totally compliment any mehendi function or traditional function without ruining your wallet.


2. Pair your choker with the retro style round glasses and off shoulder with high    waisted jeans and you are all ready take over the fashion magazine 🙂


3. Stay ahead in your fashion game by pairing a choker necklace with your Kurtis or Salwar and stand out as a Diva. This look is very easy and summer friendly as well.


Which one of these outfit ideas is your favorite? How do you wear chokers?  Let me know in the comments.


Style your White Shirt !

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Hey Everyone! I hope you had a amazing weekend. So today’s post is all about one of my favorite thing white shirt. White shirt is undoubtedly most versatile when it comes to styling. Here i present you some of the ideas on how you can style your plain white shirt and make it look all trendy !

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Enjoy Watching 🙂

I am a woman

International Women’s Day just passed on March 8th and i know i am little for my post. Though celebrating womanhood shouldn’t be limited in one day. To celebrate this day and to represent the beauty of married women i have come up with this post.


I am a independent woman

But i am more than what you see..

More than my face,

I am a temple that deserve a respect

I am a daughter , a sister , a wife and many more…

I am beauty, hope & power.

“Happy Women’s Day”

Get that look :)


I loveee to experiment the look with makeup and it really makes me happy to be honest. I can precisely remember how i was wooed by the make up that my mom used when i was a child. Being a curious kid i always wanted to know more about makeup and wanted to use it. I recall many of such incident when i used to sneak into my mom’s makeup bag and explore all the beauty products (Not to forget that i used to get myself in trouble after that !) . Ever since i have unwindled the fancy world of makeup i always want to explore more. When i mastered my first winged eyeliner i was feeling fly and all happy as a girl. Not to forget Makeup is always optional i believe and it should not be made as a compulsory element in our life.  It is rather used to enhance the look with the various products and techniques of course. The fact that we all are beautiful and unique on our own should not be forgotten. (more…)

Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog

This is how you say Happy New Year in Chinese. This weekend i got to discover the ever so fascinating Chinese New Year in Bangkok.  So this year is the Year of the Dog which is the eleventh sign in zodiac. See as a pet animal i love dog compare to other animals. Why because they are friendly and loyal to their master.
As i was about to unwind the essence of the Chinese New Year i was also excited to try some Chinese delicacies. We did not miss to visit China Town which is in Yaowarat Road approximately 20 min from the city. China town as expected was all painted red with eye catching decorations and Chinese men & women looked their best in their traditional wear. The color red is much loved by the Chinese in general as it represents happiness and good fortune. Not to forget the alleys were beautifully decorated with the lanterns and was an absolute treat to your eyes.
The place was crowded with spectators and we could see everyone having their best time enjoying the seasonal festival with local foods, music and stealing some best deals in local shops. We hopped into a road side restaurant and ate plateful of Thai noodles. The local food stalls were keeping us full which were reasonably priced. Definitely this place is a gastronomic paradise. In some cities you will be able to witness fireworks during Chinese New Year which is an amazing sight.
May this New Year brings lot of prosperity and a good health amongst us.
Until next time.. ciao !


A Message to Myself !



Another year just passed by with a blink of an eye and i have had such an enriching experience in terms of my personal and professional life. A ride to my 28th year was interesting and i came across wonderful events to cherish for a lifetime. This blog post is a note, a reminder and a message to myself. I have penned down few notes to myself.

                                                              1. Be ready for a change..

A small change in your life can make a big difference in your life. It might not be big or life changing but even a small relevant change can make you happy and you will bloom through the time.

         2. Regrets – Leave them behind…

Do not carry the excess baggage in your life. You had done enough of what you could possibly do. Do not get charged with extra stress in your life.

3. Life is too short , Enjoy your food.

Well said and is too short to miss out on all yummy food. The extra ounces will do no harm to you until an unless you enjoy your food whole heartily.

4. Be less apologetic.

Being apologetic to every situation will make you no stronger. Sometimes its just not worth it.

5. Express yourself – speak your mind.

The real charm is in speaking your mind.There is no harm in being your true self and having an opinion about something. The fear of not getting reciprocated or making fool of yourself will not take you far.

6. Read More

One of my favorite thing is definitely reading books. Reading is just transfers and gives me a “ME” time cutting off from the surroundings. Please let me know in comments below if any recommendation for books?

7. Stay Focused & Happy

I am always a focused person but not all the time happy. Life might hand you with something unplanned, but working out through is a real beauty of life.

Life is literally a blessing for us. We might just think another normal day while someone might be longing to live extra few days. I wish everyone including myself a very happy ,focused and enriching year ahead.

I recently read somewhere :

“Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never been and do what you’ve never done, because both are necessary to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve never been!”