Get that look :)


I loveee to experiment the look with makeup and it really makes me happy to be honest. I can precisely remember how i was wooed by the make up that my mom used when i was a child. Being a curious kid i always wanted to know more about makeup and wanted to use it. I recall many of such incident when i used to sneak into my mom’s makeup bag and explore all the beauty products (Not to forget that i used to get myself in trouble after that !) . Ever since i have unwindled the fancy world of makeup i always want to explore more. When i mastered my first winged eyeliner i was feeling fly and all happy as a girl. Not to forget Makeup is always optional i believe and it should not be made as a compulsory element in our life.  It is rather used to enhance the look with the various products and techniques of course. The fact that we all are beautiful and unique on our own should not be forgotten. (more…)


Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog

This is how you say Happy New Year in Chinese. This weekend i got to discover the ever so fascinating Chinese New Year in Bangkok.  So this year is the Year of the Dog which is the eleventh sign in zodiac. See as a pet animal i love dog compare to other animals. Why because they are friendly and loyal to their master.
As i was about to unwind the essence of the Chinese New Year i was also excited to try some Chinese delicacies. We did not miss to visit China Town which is in Yaowarat Road approximately 20 min from the city. China town as expected was all painted red with eye catching decorations and Chinese men & women looked their best in their traditional wear. The color red is much loved by the Chinese in general as it represents happiness and good fortune. Not to forget the alleys were beautifully decorated with the lanterns and was an absolute treat to your eyes.
The place was crowded with spectators and we could see everyone having their best time enjoying the seasonal festival with local foods, music and stealing some best deals in local shops. We hopped into a road side restaurant and ate plateful of Thai noodles. The local food stalls were keeping us full which were reasonably priced. Definitely this place is a gastronomic paradise. In some cities you will be able to witness fireworks during Chinese New Year which is an amazing sight.
May this New Year brings lot of prosperity and a good health amongst us.
Until next time.. ciao !


A Festival for Everyone..


Done & Dusted with the long weekends in Abu Dhabi and the weekdays seems never ending. Having said that we got to do what we got to do 🙂This weekend seemed too tiring for me as I was down with weakness and every part of my body was aching. I was petrified with the feeling of work the next day at the same time. So I have to get back on track with healthy diet and sleep of course!  

So coming back to Abu Dhabi every corner is lit during the weekend these days as the weather seems easy and breezy now. Gathering all my energy after feeling wasted the whole day I headed to one of the locally popular Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. Located almost 1 hour away from the city the event took place in Al Wathba mainly popular for camel racing track. This festival brings you the culture of different countries inside one boundary. Like last year I was all pumped to see and to shop from different country stalls there. The entrance for the festival was free for all which pulled a lot of crowd towards it. Bringing you home the flavors of different countries this festival was perfect gateway for everyone. I sighted unique handicrafts and souvenirs from each country which reflected their culture and stories of their own. Not forgot to mention the cultural dance show from each country was definitely food tapping and fun to watch! Since my body was really weak and tired I could not capture really good pictures for long however few snaps are here for you!

One Fine Evening ….


So finally the much waited long weekend is here 🙂  and everyone seems really busy making their holiday plans.While for those who do not have plans, shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are there to treat you with loaded discounts and tempting offers just enough to swipe you off your feet 😉   I have had all things sorted for this long weekend and we will surely know what i am up to in my upcoming blog post 🙂

Last month was extremely busy for both personal and professional end though i managed to embrace the awesome weather of Abu Dhabi. So i randomly decided to stroll around the much talked about landmark “Wahat Al Karama” which is just opposite to popular Grand Mosque. It is dedicated to the memory of UAE’s National Heroes in honor of their sacrifice and recognition of their heroism.

I was exhilarated by the site which has 31 aluminium stacks which are leaned to each other with the poems and quotes craved. Any one who visits this place will undoubtedly have a respect to those brave soldiers for their sacrifice.This Pavilion is spread in wide area and gives a spectacular view of ” Grand Mosque”.



The Wanderer

Hello everyone ! Its been a while i have not penned down my experience in my blog.The week has been quite hectic for me and i was procrastinating a lot for no reason.So I thought that for those inquisitive minds who still do take the effort & interest in visiting a blog and reading the story i should write one today 🙂 So weather has started to change and i can feel the cold breeze outside due to which i have refrained myself from going for a run.Well i am a proud Nepali adult working outside my motherland and insane number of people ask me why i am so sensitive to cold just because they think i am from Nepal and we have the unreasonable energy to tolerate the intensity of cold weather. But i have had always been sensitive to cold even while i was living in Kathmandu and it will remain same wherever i go.


I would like to apologize for the first paragraph for giving you insight of cold weather.The much talked about event “Sheikh Zayad Heritage Festival” happened last week.I was accompanied with the cold breeze throughout. There were shops from all the GCC countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman. My observation made me feel that the event was not advertise as much as it should be.There was a tremendous number participation from the locals and other nationals were pretty little less in number. Every country had their own stalls and dancers to make it look fun and exciting.The sweet corn aroma from the stalls couldn’t stop me from buying one.



Winter Breeze

After a series of months of summer i am about to experience cool breeze here in Abu Dhabi.Going back to my memory lane i used to get the taste of all the major seasons back home namely Winter, Summer ,Autumn,Spring & Monsoon.Those monsoon chai ( Tea) and winter Jhol Momo( Soupy Momos) were to die for. So good news is that winter is almost here and i must say the weather here will be enjoyable for at least couple of months.



So yes there are always the box unchecked,experiences unexplored and that one good restaurant or cafe not checked out. So embrace this coming season and get out of your rooms to explore the fun part of Abu Dhabi .The city’s one of the Luxurious hotel Ritz Carlton’s popular Venetian village sponsored the ripe pop up market last weekend.Venetian Village is a setting of many delightful contrasts that make it the venue in town and the perfect place to spend your Friday stocking up on local organic produce and browsing the offerings of some of the regions most talented artisans, crafters, jewellery and designers. Wishing you all a great weekend ! 🙂




Weekend Story

Lately i have been quite besotted with writing about places ensuring to develop a right language to be able to share my experience.So as the weekend was approaching i had made up my mind to lazily stay on my bed and eat food. To be honest i am not proactive when it comes to travel and especially during off days, after all weekends are only the time when i can give rest to my eyes.

The weather complimented my mood so i headed out.I went to the much talked about Saturday Market in Yas Marina which happens to occur only on Saturday  on chosen dates.As i reached there i could already feel the good vibes, though there were not as much stalls and vendors that i expected. However the weather and the decor did justice at the end. An ideal place to relax with friends and the view of the marina was amazing. I almost felt like i was in my vacation with such relaxing and peaceful environment there.