Skin’s Best Friend ..



Oh hello there thank you for taking your time to read my post first of all. I know its been quite a long halt again this time. If you ask me i am constantly moving to places in last few months and i hope the hard work pays off !

After getting a tons of feedback for the newly launched Garnier Micellar Cleansing water everywhere in social media, i finally have my hands on to these recently. It is easily available in the beauty stores and the boots, however i was super busy with other stuffs so couldn’t try these. Garnier has always been one of the best brands in beauty world. Be it be Shampoo, Conditioner , Facial foam, it has always come up with a great formula that best suits everyone. Newly launched Micellar Cleansing water  is one of the gem that Garnier has created so far. Ladies the good news is that now removing your make up and dirt from your face is just so easy.

This is just right for the lazy bone like me who wants to skip face wash to remove make up esp.when its late night already. The packaging looks really fancy like every Garnier products does. It comes with the cotton pads along with the cleansing water which removes all the makeup and dirt and leaves soothing , clean looking face. Isn’t this what we were looking for . Now its a good bye to mushing and rubbing to our soft skin. Personally my skin is very sensitive and i am always afraid to try new products to my skin but i can say this product is really good for sensitive skin as well. I would say its a must try product so far in 2018 !

Cheers ! (more…)


A Festival for Everyone..


Done & Dusted with the long weekends in Abu Dhabi and the weekdays seems never ending. Having said that we got to do what we got to do 🙂This weekend seemed too tiring for me as I was down with weakness and every part of my body was aching. I was petrified with the feeling of work the next day at the same time. So I have to get back on track with healthy diet and sleep of course!  

So coming back to Abu Dhabi every corner is lit during the weekend these days as the weather seems easy and breezy now. Gathering all my energy after feeling wasted the whole day I headed to one of the locally popular Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. Located almost 1 hour away from the city the event took place in Al Wathba mainly popular for camel racing track. This festival brings you the culture of different countries inside one boundary. Like last year I was all pumped to see and to shop from different country stalls there. The entrance for the festival was free for all which pulled a lot of crowd towards it. Bringing you home the flavors of different countries this festival was perfect gateway for everyone. I sighted unique handicrafts and souvenirs from each country which reflected their culture and stories of their own. Not forgot to mention the cultural dance show from each country was definitely food tapping and fun to watch! Since my body was really weak and tired I could not capture really good pictures for long however few snaps are here for you!

Winter Rescue


Hi everyone! How did your long weekend look like? Finally back from long weekend and what a memories I made in these 4 days. The last day at work was a total mess and I could find myself covered up with papers all over. After much struggle and dilemma we finally decided to fly to Georgia! The country of mountains. To be honest the past few months have been roller coaster ride! And I could not ask more than a short break to rejuvenate and be back inspired and fresh again. I will definitely pen down my travel experience in my next blog post for sure.

So travelling in a winter definitely requires extra cautions especially for your skin. Currently living in a humid climate my skin has already adapted the weather here in Abu Dhabi. So travelling to colder place demands more attention and more care. So moisturizing is a key to every healthier and plumper skin for sure. So be it be travelling from air or by any means you should always have moisturizer to go. The cold breeze can be really harsh to your skin leaving it dry and cause redness as well. Not to forget the sunshine which seems really comforting during the winter but what it causes to skin is really bad.  Personally I prefer Vaseline which is really gentle to your skin and it’s well tested as well. These petroleum jelly creates a layer above your skin and prevents it from cracking and dryness. The multi-use of Vaseline is more interesting as it can be applied directly to your skin, lips , and leaves your skin glowing during winter.

One Fine Evening ….


So finally the much waited long weekend is here 🙂  and everyone seems really busy making their holiday plans.While for those who do not have plans, shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are there to treat you with loaded discounts and tempting offers just enough to swipe you off your feet 😉   I have had all things sorted for this long weekend and we will surely know what i am up to in my upcoming blog post 🙂

Last month was extremely busy for both personal and professional end though i managed to embrace the awesome weather of Abu Dhabi. So i randomly decided to stroll around the much talked about landmark “Wahat Al Karama” which is just opposite to popular Grand Mosque. It is dedicated to the memory of UAE’s National Heroes in honor of their sacrifice and recognition of their heroism.

I was exhilarated by the site which has 31 aluminium stacks which are leaned to each other with the poems and quotes craved. Any one who visits this place will undoubtedly have a respect to those brave soldiers for their sacrifice.This Pavilion is spread in wide area and gives a spectacular view of ” Grand Mosque”.



A Greek Rendezvous

To begin I must say what a year it has been so far for me. My wedding has been definitely a major highlight of the year. I have learnt a lot during all these time to preserve and to embrace all the love and support from my loved one. The year will soon come to an end but there are many moments to cherish for the rest of my life. Juggling between work and personal life I have managed to beautifully survive the chaos.

Enough of my life preaching here and let me take you to a trip to wonderland called Greece. After having done a lot of homework we settled down to popular destination Greece and it was definitely an incredible experience worth sharing! We agreed to explore the capital Athens and the most heard about place Santorini. I would not regret the choice as we had a wonderful time spent there exploring the culture and gorging on delicious Greek food. I was very keen to add Mykonos as well in the list but due to time constrains it was just impossible.  The 3 hours flight from Abu Dhabi to Jordan was very comfortable. The transit to Jordan international Airport gave us some time to grab the Jordanian Delicacies as well. Moving ahead we caught 2 hours flight to Athens and I could not resist myself to land in Athens.

The beautiful islands and sky scenes was just adding an extra spark to my eagerness. When landed my denim jacket struggled to keep me warm as it was the beginning of the winter already. It was a good idea to go with centrally located hotel near Plaka area which has a big famous markets and restaurants. The ideal location was Plaka where you could actually cover all the markets around in walking distance. So in case you are planning to stay in Athens, the places recommended to book your hotel are Plaka, Syntagma Square and Metaxourghiu. Please make sure to stay within 2 Kms of Acropolis.

No wonder this place has managed to attract the entire tourist around the world with its ancient historical architecture and stories. The chill weather was just right for a romantic gateway 🙂

The alleys and the streets are all filled with beautiful restaurants (with live music!) and shops. The aroma coming from the restaurants was just irresistible for us and we settled down in one of them. The locally famous Gyros which is a Greek dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, or chicken) and Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer is a must try there.


The next morning as planned we traveled to Santorini. Since we did not booked flight tickets in advance we had no choice than to take a ferry. To be honest I first thought that ferry would be very uncomfortable (8 hours via blue star ferry) to which I was wrong when I saw the ferry. Cutting long story short the ferry ride was a life time experience for me with food and other outlets. It was a love at first sight when I reached Santorini. For those who are carrying international driving license it is very easy to rent a car which is also a cheaper (starting from 35 Euros) option. With just 4 euros the bus will take you to the central city bus station . The hotel was at the city center Fira and everything is easily accessible from here from bus station to ferry, markets, and restaurants.

We opted to take a package for the next day to save time which included a volcanic mountain, hot springs, Therusa and Oia. Next day began the trip with boat that would take you 4 stops first volcanic mountain, the guide in the boat was announcing that it is still active volcano in Santorini. With much enthusiasm people were climbing the mountain where my flats were not compatible with mountain rocks so decided to instead click pictures only. The boat passed the hot spring and many divers enjoyed the nature bliss. Therusa was the next stop and it is the oldest village there. There many outlets there where you can eat your lunch overlooking the mystic mountains and crystal clear sea right in front of you.

Finally the wait was over and we headed toward Oia. It is a much talked about place and why not? It is surreal. The blue and white color coordinated houses were just providing a perfect romantic scene. Oia is popular for its famous sunset, and how could we miss that! Watching a sun goes down while enjoying Greek delicacies. I was just speechless with the beauty of Santorini and this trip could not get better with the sunset 🙂

Greece is definitely out of my bucket list but i promised myself to be here again to make a lot more memories again J until my next trip …. 🙂






The Wanderer

Hello everyone ! Its been a while i have not penned down my experience in my blog.The week has been quite hectic for me and i was procrastinating a lot for no reason.So I thought that for those inquisitive minds who still do take the effort & interest in visiting a blog and reading the story i should write one today 🙂 So weather has started to change and i can feel the cold breeze outside due to which i have refrained myself from going for a run.Well i am a proud Nepali adult working outside my motherland and insane number of people ask me why i am so sensitive to cold just because they think i am from Nepal and we have the unreasonable energy to tolerate the intensity of cold weather. But i have had always been sensitive to cold even while i was living in Kathmandu and it will remain same wherever i go.


I would like to apologize for the first paragraph for giving you insight of cold weather.The much talked about event “Sheikh Zayad Heritage Festival” happened last week.I was accompanied with the cold breeze throughout. There were shops from all the GCC countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman. My observation made me feel that the event was not advertise as much as it should be.There was a tremendous number participation from the locals and other nationals were pretty little less in number. Every country had their own stalls and dancers to make it look fun and exciting.The sweet corn aroma from the stalls couldn’t stop me from buying one.